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Terms and Conditions

Last time updated: 19/February/2017

By using Defileback's website and its service you are applying to its Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "Terms and Conditions") and you're taking responsibility of your actions on this site. Carefully read this rules in order to use the service.

If you disagree with these Terms and Conditions you may not use our website nor any of the functionalities provided by it.


The whole site is based upon storing data sent from its users. Quality of its content relays on everyone's opinion about it and not on the administration, no administrator of the site is considered responsible of what the user provides and someone's identity won't be revealed unless international laws require so.

If you have been quoted by someone against your will neither Defileback nor any of its administrators and participants that didn't contribute to the paragraph (defining paragraph as the data published on the site through a form available to its users) quoting you will have any legal connections to it. If you ask the administration, and after the administration checks it and marks it as offending (this relies completely on the administration's opinion), the comment that offends you will be hidden. Even if you choose to go through a legal action because of it Defileback, its administrators and its users (except the one you are taking in consideration) will not have any blame as the user that quoted you had before accepted our Terms and Conditions, and is therefore the only legal subject of his actions on the site.


Everything that was ever published on this site (chiefly including but not omitting: its code; its logos, images, its style; user provided content sent to the site and lastly, but not fewer significant, the idea itself defined later in this document) is protected by international laws of copyright and is propriety of its only founder. No copyright infringement is allowed without the site's founder written and signed approval.

Copyright (a)

Definition of "idea" as used and considered in this document: by "idea" this document defines the whole concept that gave life to Defileback as a website, as a social network and as a place to describe people you know. Idea also includes every new functionality provided by Defileback and ideated by his founder or one of the eventual contributors. This idea is protected both from users and guests.


When accepting this Terms and Conditions the user is not only approving what is written in this document at the time of its subscription, but also whatever will be added, modified or removed later inside of it. Whenever using the site, if concerned by the possibility of changes, it's the user responsibility to check this document again.

Privacy Policy

When you sign up or whenever you fill a form on this site you're sending information that will be stored, the administration can freely decide to modify or remove this data if it considers your data inappropriate. From the moment you sign up you're approving our free right to store this informations given by you and to share them.